Church Status & Update

Dear Church Family,

I am thankful for your patience with us. All conference employees met with the president of the Texas Conference today via zoom. The result of this meeting mandates that all churches, companies, and groups under the Texas Conference will be temporarily closed beginning immediately, Tuesday, March 17, 2020 for the next 31 days. This includes ALL church gatherings. The Conference will evaluate the need to extend the time for this closure as we near end of the 31 days.

There are possible options to provide an online worship service in the interim of our closure, but I solicit your prayers as this venture will require new equipment and willing people who can help in this area. I am hoping this can be made available to you this upcoming Sabbath. But as mentioned above, your prayers are very much appreciated.

I will attempt to have either a video or a phone conference meeting with our church leaders to see how we can carry out our services for our church community.In addition, I ask that you please do not forget the mission of the church. Though our services and doors  are temporarily closed, our mission is still vibrant and active. Therefore, you can continue your giving of tithe and offerings by visiting or you can download the AdventistGiving App to your device for your convenience.

Tyler Adventist School (TAS)’s buildings/facility will also be closed during the next 31 days. Although the buildings will be closed, school will still be in session. The teachers will be in touch with the parents on how the students will proceed.

Friends, our physical fellowship has been placed on hold, but that should not stop our other forms of connection. Staying connected with one another through phone calls, texts, emails or through social media is a great way to fellowship and keep in touch. We all need each other’s support during this time.

In the meantime, please continue to check for emails from the church secretary or the church website, for updates. The church staff will stay connected with you as much as possible without risking anyone’s safety.

Office hours will continue as usual, so don’t hesitate to call as needed:

Office: 903-593-4265​

Pastor Ryan McCollum


Pastor Michael Tuionetoa


In Christian love,

Pastor Michael Tuionetoa